We Are So Thankful

In honor of and in gratitude for our Native American brothers and sisters, here is a poem by Joy Harjo, a member of the Mvskoke Nation and United States Poet Laureate for a third term. Eagle PoemTo pray you open your whole selfTo sky, to earth, to sun, to moonTo one whole voice that isContinue reading “We Are So Thankful”

Taking Responsibility for My White Fragility

I have been at a loss for words hearing about another death of a person of color by the hands of the police. The stories feel heartbreakingly painful to me even as I sit here holding the privilege of being a mama of two white daughters. I am free from explaining to them how toContinue reading “Taking Responsibility for My White Fragility”

Winter’s Gift: The Power of Water

Chinese cosmology is very aligned to the natural world. In it, winter corresponds to the water element. Water represents power, strength, flexibility, flow and potential. Water has enormous capacity to change shape, stay still, move, flow, and even become firm and resolute. Water can be as powerful as Niagara Falls or as gentle and playfulContinue reading “Winter’s Gift: The Power of Water”

Illuminating the Shadows and Dancing in the Light

“How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole.” Carl Jung At the end of December last year, I claimed my motto for 2019 would be “live life completely on the dance floor.” Maybe it was because I feltContinue reading “Illuminating the Shadows and Dancing in the Light”

Welcome Autumn: Accept It and Release

I have always found it fascinating that nature moves in cycles. We have the cycles of the seasons, the moon cycle, the water cycle and so many more. There is no stopping the cyclical motion of the natural world. It just simply happens. We have now shifted into the season of Autumn. It is oneContinue reading “Welcome Autumn: Accept It and Release”