Point Your Fingers Towards the Future: Lessons From My Run

Yesterday, I awoke anxious and unsettled. I took my daughter to and from soccer practice in the morning and ran some errands in between. When we got home, I was still feeling off and had this disconcerting energy. I started fussing to my husband about life and all its busyness. The conversation then led meContinue reading “Point Your Fingers Towards the Future: Lessons From My Run”

Take One Step To Fuel Your Passion Each Day

“Did you take one step toward something that makes you come alive today? If you’re willing to take one humble and meaningful step toward making a dream come true, the Universe will take two. You will be aided. You will get the help you desire and desperately need. Take the step. You’ll win or you’llContinue reading “Take One Step To Fuel Your Passion Each Day”

Gratitude Check: Putting Things Into Perspective

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.”  Cynthia Ozick One of my beautiful students was 6 months old when her parents found out that she needed a new heart. Crushed, confused and scared out of their minds, they prayed and prayed for a little infant heart to replace theirContinue reading “Gratitude Check: Putting Things Into Perspective”

And Then We Will Live Happily Ever After…..Um, Not Exactly

“I will meet my prince, have a beautiful wedding, and then live happily, happily, happily ever after.” Gina Strauss “A successful marriage involves falling in love many times, always with the same person.”   Mignon McLaughlin As a young woman, I dreamed of finding “the one.” Someone who would “complete me” and “make me whole” likeContinue reading “And Then We Will Live Happily Ever After…..Um, Not Exactly”

Mama Moment: It’s A New Day

“In the morning, I feel like I was just made all over again.”  (age 6) In the new morning I remember what I did yesterday and then I do something new. I forget yesterday’s stuff and start all over again. (age 5) These wise and insightful quotes are taken from Mimi Doe’s book The 10Continue reading “Mama Moment: It’s A New Day”

Goat Yoga to the Rescue

My daughter, Brooke, has been asking to go to a goat yoga class since we first learned about it over a year ago. I have been procrastinating for several reasons not the least of which is the idea of goats climbing all over me and peeing on my yoga mat. But, I love animals andContinue reading “Goat Yoga to the Rescue”

My Body is Worthy: A Tale of Percentages

I remember going to the doctor’s office when I was a little girl. “Your daughter is in the 90th percentile of height and weight” was what the doctor would tell my mother each time we went. Cool, I thought. If this is anything like the tests I take in math, I am scoring pretty high.Continue reading “My Body is Worthy: A Tale of Percentages”

Sex, Drugs and Gratitude: What I’ve Learned From Chauffeuring My Teenagers

“I know a lot of people at my school who are vaping now.” “Yeah, there are a bunch of kids at my school who smoke weed. They post pictures of themselves on Instagram lighting up.” “One boy at my school just got caught for selling cocaine in the bathroom.” “One girl in my class isContinue reading “Sex, Drugs and Gratitude: What I’ve Learned From Chauffeuring My Teenagers”

Staying In My Own Lane

My title and topic were inspired by my dear friend and coach Elizabeth St. Germain I love to drive. I love to get behind the wheel and navigate from one place to another. Sitting behind the wheel, I am in control of my car. There are lots of possibilities and adventures awaiting me, yet IContinue reading “Staying In My Own Lane”